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ALT Technologies is your global supplier for durable goods industries, including automotive, home appliances, electronics and beyond.

With over 50 years of experience, ALT provides an extensive portfolio of innovative, tailor-made, die-cut self-adhesive products, protective and functional parts. We specifically design each product for its application, focusing on quality, durability, and cost-efficiency.

From airbag covers to RFID labels and Industry 4.0 today, we think and live customer-specific solutions.

Advantages of working with ALT

Our experts are future-focused, ensuring they know about your needs even before you do.

50+ Years

Converting and Material Experience


Just in Time and High Volume Delivery

Application Specific



Geographically Close to You

Innovative Advantage of ALT


Research and Development


And Hassle-Free Solutions


Standards and APQP Project

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ALT Solutions

Tell Us Your Problem, We’ll Deliver The Solution

At ALT, we are determined to find the best possible solution for you. Even if your needs have never been seen before, we’ll leverage our experience and expertise to develop your perfect product.

Solutions For High-demand Industries

Our diverse experience in materials and adhesives, while maintaining regular contact with our customers, allows ALT to develop ahead of the demands. We are well-versed in the durable goods, including automotive and home appliances industries, for which we create the most effective and reliable products out there.

You need products that keep people safe. We promise to deliver on that.

Product Solutions

Our vast portfolio of tailored solutions will give you an idea of what we’re capable of. Explore our custom-made products to spark ideas for solving your problems.
Don’t see a good fit? Please get in touch with us today!

News and Insights

We share our knowledge, latest company and industry research, product updates, and innovations that provide value for our customers.

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