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New Products, The Same Best-in-Class Capabilities

ALT Technologies has expanded its automotive offering to include electric vehicle (EV) battery protection solutions.


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Your Top 10 RFID Label Questions: The Automotive Industry Edition

The automotive experts answer your top 10 questions about all things RFID labels.

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BY ALT Technologies | 11th August 2022

The Importance of High-Quality Materials for Electric Vehicle Insulators

The electric vehicle market continues to grow exponentially, with one in ten cars across Europe in 2021 being electric....

BY ALT Technologies | 30th June 2022

The Role Labels Play in the Automotive Industry

Automotive labels are informative stickers OEMs attach to vehicles as they manufacture them. They display crucial...

BY ALT Technologies | 19th May 2022

Patented RFID & Predictive Maintenance Process

Taking the necessary steps in our processes to adapt to, and grow with, Industry 4.0 and Predictive...

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