Thermal Transfer Ribbons

Thermal transfer (TT) ribbons are special ribbons that transfer the ink to labels through the heat from the ribbon; the thermal transfer effect. ALT Technologies continually tests them for imprintability to ensure they efficiently and successfully transfer the ink to your labels for a clean and smooth finish. The ribbons have a big impact on how durable the label text will be, as well as any abrasion effects during the lifetime of the product, and its performance during high-speed prints. ALT provides consecutive printing for customers.

Benefits of Thermal Transfer Ribbons

  • High print speed guarantees a fast turnaround time for labels.
  • Highly durable label text, able to withstand extreme conditions if needed.

Together, we can build an innovative and safe future.

Material Types

  • Wax ribbon
  • Wax/resin ribbon
  • Resin ribbon


  • Thermal transfer ribbons for use on all brands of thermal transfer printers.


  • Printing variable information to customer-specific products.


  • Printing of QR codes, barcodes, 2D codes or matrix codes
  • Scratch, smudge resistant printing
  • Resin ribbon UL/CSA certified

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